God Speaks to Laminu Through His Word

God Speaks to Laminu Through His Word

By Konlan Kpeebi with Richard Gretsky

Konlan works for the Ghana Institute of Literacy, Linguistics and Bible Translation (GILLBT) as translation coordinator and the Konni language translation project manager.

Laminu, who speaks the Konni language, comes from a village in Ghana that has neither a formal school nor a church. However, a Konni literacy course was held there, and he learned to read and write his own language.

When the Konni New Testament was dedicated in 2006, Laminu bought a copy. He was also given some Scripture guidebooks to help him understand God’s Word. As Laminu read through the books and portions of the Bible, he became convinced that the Konni New Testament was truly the Word of God. He decided to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

There was still no church in his village, so nearly every week for a year, Laminu rode his bicycle more than seventeen miles one way to attend church in another village. Finally, he was able to start a small fellowship in his own village, and it continues to this day.

Laminu’s testimony illustrates how God’s Word translated into a minority language can lead people to Christ. Please pray for him as he grows in his Christian faith and leads the local fellowship. He is dealing with physical illness, as well as criticism from many people who think his illnesses are punishment for turning to Christ. Pray that God would strengthen him and that he might play a role in establishing additional vibrant churches in the Konni-speaking area.

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